Follow the link below to access the Court’s ROAM Records page.  To fill out the Electronic Marriage License Application, Log In or Register for access to the ROAM site.  Once you have successfully logged in, click on the “Online Filings” link to fill out and submit your application.  Applications will be held in a queue for 30 days.  You must come to the Courthouse to complete the application process within 30 days of your online application submission. 

Please note that no marriage ceremonies are conducted at the Court. You must make other arrangements to get married once you have obtained your marriage license.



*      ROAM Electronic Marriage License Application   


Once you have logged in to ROAM, please follow the “Mobile Online Marriage Filing” link to fill out and submit your online marriage application.


*      Questions /Concerns?  Please review our How to Get A License page



*      Probate Court ROAM Marriage License Search


Upon login, follow the “Marriage Records” link to search Marriage License Records on ROAM.