Volunteers In Probate
Probate Court recently held an appreciation break for our VIPs - click here to read more!

Mobile County eFiling Status
On August 7, 2018 the Alabama Supreme Court issued an order according this Court’s electronic filing of judicial pleadings facility “permanent” status. To read the order click here.

Congratulations to the following Probate Court employees for their many years of service!

Bessie Franks 11 yrs
Renee Clarke 7 yrs

We are pleased to announce that Tracy McCafferty is our Probate Court Employee of the Month for August 2018!

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Election Results
To view the Election Results for Mobile County's Republican Runoff Election, please clickhere.

Marriage Ceremony Notice
Please note that no marriage ceremonies are conducted at the Court. You must make other arrangements to get married once you have obtained your marriage license.

Court Comments
To view the "Why I Like Probate Court" feedback we have received from our customers, please click here: Court Comments