VIP Program
(Volunteers In Probate)

In July of 2010, the Court looked into a program being utilized in the Sheriff's Office where community volunteers assisted that office in varying tasks.

Upon further review, and with the assistance of Mr. Norris
Armstrong who heads up the volunteer program for the Sheriff of Mobile County, the Probate Court structured and launched its Volunteers In Probate (VIP) program in February of 2011 with an initial group of 5 citizen volunteers.

The program has now grown to about 14 volunteers who assist with different jobs and projects in the Court (some of which are as follows):

  • digitizing current and archive records
  • preparing judicial files for records retention work
  • working with microfilm and indexing documents
  • assisting with election prep work during election cycles

Our VIP participants must attend a screening and orientation
meeting and receives detailed training for the assigned tasks. Each VIP member is under the general supervision of Court staff while on the job.

This program has been very successful thus far. It is not the
intent of the program to replace existing Court staff, but to utilize volunteers to help move office projects faster to completion while freeing up personnel for other direct duties. This goal is being met with the assistance of the VIP participants.

We are very appreciative of those involved in this program and look forward to training and expanding the corp of volunteers in the future.

If you are interested in the VIP program with the Probate Court, please contact Mr. Mike Avery at 251-574-6063 for more information.



Volunteer Guardian Program
(for adult incapacitated persons)

After many months of meetings and planning, with the assistance of local attorneys, community leaders, the volunteer lawyers program of the Mobile Bar, HandsOn South Alabama, RSVP and generous contributors, the Probate Court commenced a Volunteer Guardian program on May 10th, 2010.

This program is specifically designed to meet the need for
guardians for adult incapacitated persons in our community who have no family or person willing to service in that capacity.

Currently, there is a group of approximately 12 volunteer
guardians who have been through a training program under the direction of HandsOn South Alabama. Most have now been appointed and are rendering services for their wards.

Guardians can only be appointed by the Probate Court in a judicial proceeding, and only where the evidence proves the need for such an appointment.

Some of the duties of a volunteer guardian are:

  • Attends to the basic needs of an individual (food, shelter, etc.)
  • Arranges for necessary care, medical treatment or other caring services.
  • Arranges for necessary care, medical treatment or other caring services.
  • Visits the individual on a regular basis.
  • Is an advocate for the individual and his/her rights.
  • Makes informed decisions for the individual as needed.
  • Files necessary paperwork as required by the Probate Court.

Persons interested in becoming a volunteer guardian should contact Darla Dean,,
with the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission for additional information.