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Identity Theft Resources


It is the policy of the Probate Court of Mobile County to make all reasonable efforts to protect the identity of citizens who have used any of the services provided by the Court. On all documents presented for recording, Social Security numbers and birth dates are redacted (blocked from view) by the Court to the full extent allowed by law. Marriage information on the Court's website does not provide birth dates or the mother's maiden name for either the bride or the groom. Living wills and military discharge documents are blocked and may only be viewed by the person to whom the document relates to or permissible family members. Judicial documents are not made available on the website with the exception of certain wills admitted to probate. In addition, Internet access to judicial cases involving adoption or commitment to a mental health facility are blocked.

The Court's judicial docket and calendar are available on the Court's website with the exception of adoption and mental health commitment cases. Generally speaking, all judicial files are available for inspection by members of the general public at the Court's facility. Adoption cases are an exception to the general rule.

Should a citizen find a document in court records containing a date of birth or Social Security number, a request to the Court can be made to redact or block said information if permitted by law. The Court may be contacted in this regard at (251)574-6043 or by email to .