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Assistance for Voters with Disabilities

Assistance for Voters with Disabilities

Assistance for Voters:

Voters with disabilities or voters who need assistance in casting a ballot can request assistance by notifying the Inspector or Chief Clerk, or any assistant clerk at the voting center. Each voter is presumed to be able to cast his or her ballot in secret without the need for assistance. Poll officials will not assume that any voter needs assistance in casting a ballot.

The options for assistance will be provided at the polls, including assistance from a qualified person and/or the use of the ADA ballot marking device. It is the responsibility of the voter, however, to inform election officials at the polls that assistance is needed and is specifically requested. Once this is done, the options available and procedures to follow may be further discussed with the voter and the poll official.

An election center official shall allow any voter who is mobility disabled or over the age of 70, who so requests, to move to the front of the line at the polling place. (Ala. Act 2015-288)

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ADA Marking Device:

Commencing with elections held in 2006, an ADA approved ballot marking device became available to voters requesting the use of such equipment. This equipment has been certified to meet the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requirements and is available at each precinct on election day.

Voting Center Access:    

All polling sites in Mobile County are wheelchair accessible as confirmed by the Mobile County Commission. Should an elector encounter a situation where his/her polling center is not accessible for voting, he/she should contact the Board of Registrars at (251) 574-8586 to review the matter and for possible special reassignment of voting location, or to receive other instructions. In addition, said situation regarding accessibility should also be reported to the Mobile County Commission, Attention County Administrator at (251) 574-8604.