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Poll workers are paid election officials who staff local polling places to carry out assigned Election Day procedures. Their work begins before the election – as each worker is required to undergo training to carry out these tasks. Election workers are essential to the democratic process and ensure that the rights of each and every eligible voter are protected.

There are approximately 80 polling places across Mobile County, staffed by nearly 1,100 civic-minded individuals. Serving as a poll worker is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the election process while contributing to your local community.


Training Class Information

You must attend a general pollworker training class to become certified.  If you serve as an Inspector or a Chief Clerk, additional training is required. Classes include "hands-on" training with the electronic voting equipment. Training classes vary in topics and time to complete; most are completed within 3 hours and time is reimbursed at $15 per training class.


What are a Poll Worker’s primary responsibilities?

Attend required training classes and meetings. You are compensated for both.
Be a team player: cooperate, be flexible, and have a positive attitude.
Serve all voters promptly, courteously, and with sensitivity to voters with special needs.


How much are Poll Workers paid?

Pay varies with responsibility: Assistant Clerks earn $150.00, Chief Clerks earn $175.00, and Inspectors earn $200.00 for service on Election Day.


What is a Poll Worker’s schedule on election day?
  1. Report to assigned precinct at 6:00 a.m. (or other designated time).
  2. Work with other poll workers to set up the polling place before opening at 7:00 a.m.
  3. Deal patiently and courteously with the public and with your co-workers.
  4. Perform assigned duties throughout the day.
  5. Work with other poll workers to pack up materials and voting machines after the last voter has voted and election results are printed from the precinct (Polls close at 7:00 p.m., but any qualified voter in line at that time is allowed to vote).
  6. Leave when dismissed by the Inspector or Chief Clerk.


Basic Requirements For Consideration
  1. You must be registered to vote in Mobile County.
  2. You can't be a candidate or have an immediate family member as a candidate on the ballot.
  3. You'll need transportation to the polling place and to training classes.
  4. You must be able to lift at least 18 pounds, be physically flexible, and endure prolonged periods of standing and sitting.


Application Instructions

Complete the form below and submit it to the mailing address below or submit it via email by following the instructions at the bottom of the form.


Poll Worker Application


Mail-to Address:

Mobile County Probate Court
Elections Division
P.O. Box 7
Mobile, AL 36602